5. irispy-lmsal#

IRISpy, now called irispy-lmsal was originally developed as a community effort by members of the SunPy Project. The IRISpy package was never released to the public and existed only in a development form. The SunPy project came to the conclusion that the functionality of IRISpy was actually very generalized and could be made available to the wider Solar community. The more instrument agnostic module for handling spectrometer data was named sunraster. IRISpy therefore been taken over by the IRIS instrument team at LMSAL. This came with a rename, and a public release of the package.

As a result, the documentation for irispy-lmsal is now available and you can publicly install the package using pip. The documentation has been updated with examples of how to use the package.

The aim is to unify the two different Python libraries that LMSAL manage: irispy-lmsal and iris_lmsalpy under the irispy-lmsal name. There is no ETA to this.

Alongside this, is a parallel effort to create a dedicated Python GUI for IRIS data analysis that mirrors CRISPEX that uses irispy-lmsal underneath.